Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photo Shoot #2 with Mommy & Daddy

As promised, Family pictures with Brinlee!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brinlee's First Photo Session

Derek and Jessica spent Father's Day at our house, all the kids were here so we were very blessed. Jordyn's baby will be here in about 3-4 weeks, Jake and Nicole were here too, their baby is due December 25th so things are hopping around here for sure! Today we did some pictures of Brinlee in the studio, we will do several sessions for her newborn pictures, there's just no way to do everything I wanna do in one session LOL. We are going to have mommy and daddy in some later this week so be sure and check back to see those! For now, here's a few from today at 5 days old. Isn't she just delicious?
This picture of Brinlee in the breadbowl is very special to me, this breadbowl belonged to Brinlee's Great Great Great Grandmother, she used it over 100 years ago for her bread making, oh if this bowl could talk! I feel very blessed to have the bowl and to be able to use it in Brinlee's pictures.
Here is me and Brinlee at 1 day old, needless to say, I'm crazy about this girl!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big News! She's HERE!

We have had a busy 3 weeks! June started with Morgan's birthday party, then we decided on a whim to try to get a camping trip in before the baby comes. So Suzanne and Alexx came up with their camper and Morgan and I (& Jessica) met them and we set up our campers at Brady Mt. Mike came up and helped us, we could not have done it without some man muscles LOL. Anyway, for the first night, it was just us girls, Jessica stayed with us and then my Mike and Suzanne's Mike came up and stayed after that first night. The girls rode their scooters, swam and had a ball! On Friday night, Jessica was planning on staying with us again, because Derek and some friends were out fishing all night, but about 2:30am she woke up hurting real bad and had him come get her about 4am. They ended up not going to the hospital but we thought it might be time! Then on Saturday evening they came back out and we all ate and swam, Jessica had a great time swimming and said it felt so good to get some relief on her back.
Sunday we packed up and went home, I spent all evening doing laundry and bright and early Monday morning (June 15th) she woke up with harder contractions. Derek brought her over here to me and he went to work, since we had so many false alarms, we thought it was best that I take her to the doctor if she was still having contractions after a few hours, she was so at 9:30 we went to the clinic. She got to see the Nurse Practitioner and they checked her, (3cm) and put her on the monitor for about 30 mins to see if the baby was doing okay and then sent us home to walk and come back to see the doctor at 1:00, by then Derek was off work and showered and met us there. We thought she was gonna get to see Dr. Henson but as bad luck would have it, it was Dr. Cardenas and she was not happy about that. He sort of blew her off, said she was still 3cm and said go home. She was MAD! LOL So they went home and I came home to do more laundry. About 6:00 they called, said she was still having contractions, (since 7am mind you) and said they were going back to the hospital. I met them there about 7:30 and were we happy to know Dr. Henson was on call and in the building! WOOHOO! He checked her, put her on the monitor and said "we're gonna have a baby". Long story short, it was a long night, he broke her water the next morning and started pitocin about 5:45, 6:50 she got the epidural, 8am - 4cm, 10am - 6cm, 11am - 8cm, 11:35 she was ready to push and the baby arrived June 16th at 12:18pm, Jessica did such a great job, it was an awesome experience and we are all so proud to announce the arrival of Brinlee Dawn Toland! 7 lbs 10 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long! She is absolutely beautiful as you can see! I know I'll more pictures to share soon so stay tuned!