Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice! Super Bowl and a Baby bump!

It's been a while since I've posted so there is much to catch up to! First, we are in the midst of an ice storm here in Central Arkansas, Hubby just left for work and had to chip off about 1/2 inch of ice from his windshield, it looks like the roads are okay right now but they are saying that later on today, a big band of ice will come over us and drop anywhere from 1/2 to an inch on us, and to the north of, up to 3 inches! I am praying this is not a repeat of the Ice Storm of 2000. We had a fireplace where we were living back then and it kept us from freezing when we lost power for 3 days. Our current house has no fireplace and no gas stoves! Not sure what we'll do if the power goes off again... At 6am this morning, the phone rang and it was the School District letting us know that school is cancelled, Morgan is pretty happy about that!
If you read my last post you know that along with thousands of others, I've been praying for 2 little babies, Harper and Brayden, that were recently born with some problems that are giving them a slow start. I'm so thrilled to say they are both doing better, so please check their sites to see how they are doing! Speaking of babies, did you see the news this morning about the lady in California who gave birth to Octuplets? WOW, they range from 1# 4oz to up over 3#. I wonder if they'll have a blog? :) We all should definitely keep that family in our prayers, as well as all the little babies in the NICU's.
Let's see what else is going on at the homefront... Jessica and I (& the whole family)are still counting down the days until we find out if baby Toland will be a boy or a girl, just one more week and then let the shopping & crafting begin! I am gonna share a picture from this week, Jessica wanted a few snaps of her at her current size, so here she is at 18 weeks 5 days. That baby bump is growing into a baby mountain! Be sure to check for my post next Tuesday that will announce if it's a boy or a girl!
Super Bowl is this weekend, who are you rooting for? The Steelers or the Cardinals?? We always have a Super Bowl Feed as Mike calls it, so we need to get our SB menu planned right away, he did tell me last just as I was going to sleep, "I want a lot of finger foods for Sunday, and I want it all to be fried" Great, I hate frying stuff, but I love eating cheese sticks hehe. What is on your menu for Super Bowl Sunday?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday, laundry day, babies who need prayers.

My day usually starts with coffee in front of my computer, I like to catch up on my friend's Facebooks and there are a growing number of blogs I like to start the day with. If you are a blogger, you know how you can really get deeply involved with blog laddering, well my most favorite blog is one I've followed for months it's MckMama. I'm SURE you all know her! She mentioned someone who needed our prayers and as I kept following links before I knew it I had found 2 babies that need our prayers so like 1000's of other bloggers I am passing the word and asking all the prayer warriors for your prayers for Harper and for Brayden both of these babies are in Arkansas and it amazes me how small the world really is. Brayden is in ACH and Harper was flown to Oklahoma. Their families can use our prayers! I think blogging is just the bestest way for families and friends to keep in touch and is especially valuable in times like these, even strangers care and really to help any way they can, even if it's only through our prayers.
Today also started with laundry, I stripped the bed first just to be sure I wouldn't crawl back in it, it didn't work though because by 11:00 I was back "on" the bed but only because Petey (chihuahua of the burrowing variety) insisted. He follows me around where ever I go and cries, he goes and stands in front of my bedroom door outside my office and cries until I come and see what he wants. It's either hold him in my lap, or lay down with him, such a needy little 6 pounder. His favorite thing though is fresh hot clothes out of the dryer and anytime he hears the dryer door opening he comes running. If I am pulling towels or anything that I dry completely, he makes every attempt to get into the basket and bury up in the clothes. It's like an obsession with him and heat. So, he's my buddy on laundry day and today is no different. About 1:30 I decided I needed to buy groceries, Mike and Morgan have gone to the coin show and honestly I needed to escape Petey's worrisome neediness LOL, (plus I needed food!) So I did that and came back to resume laundry in the dungeon. (it's now nearing 4:00 and I'm on load 4) *sigh*
I'm gonna add a little something just for the "awe factor" this is a little 9 week old that came for her session yesterday, can we all say AWE?
Oh, you might have noticed the lilypie counter on the right, that is for my Derek and Jessica's baby that is due in June. Derek is my 22 year old son for those who don't know and this is my first blood grandbaby and Jessica and I are chomping at the bit to start buying for this little bundle, BUT we don't know if we should buy pink or blue yet so we are holding off! Currently we are on the countdown to Feb 3rd when we will (hopefully) find out if it's a boy or a girl! Personally, I just feel like it's a boy, but we'll just have to wait and see! Well, my laundry awaits... Maybe later I can scrapbook and share some of what I'm working on!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year

So, for the new year, I decide to create a blog for ME, I have one for my business, but this is for ME, I wanna talk about Me, Me, Me... you get the drift. Well, I'm exactly 13 days overdue in getting this started, but nonetheless it's here. I already spend too much time on the computer between work and ahem, boredom so it's not like I needed yet ANOTHER "duty" online but as much as I love reading and following the many blogs I have in my little safe of treasures, I figure I should join them! What prompted today to be the day? I'm sitting here, minding my own business, enjoying my second cup of coffee and I get an email from my husband's Iphone. Let me back up, this morning Morgan didn't want to eat breakfast, I asked why not? She shyly said, while getting dressed, "because Daddy said he's taking me for donuts...." "REALLY" I said. So, off I go to talk to "Daddy" there's some history here as you might expect, much discussion has been made about not feeding her donuts in the past. Specific instructions have been given numerous times, easy stuff to understand mind you, like "Don't take Morgan to get donuts for breakfast!" IS there anything unclear about that?? Okay, so I say, "she says you told her you were taking her to get donuts for breakfast, is that true?" he says "well yeah" then proceeds to tell me that he thought I meant "not to take her to get donuts after she had already eaten breakfast here" (do you see where this is going?) then he goes on to tell me that there's a new donut shop up near her school and they have the best and hugest apple fritters! AUGH, I pull out some hair and go off to help her get her backpack together.... So they leave, unfed, no wait, he ate cereal, she is unfed. So then I get this photo and all it says is... "I told you they had the biggest Apple Fritters around" Grrrr..... my reply? "You did not just feed that to our child for breakfast? I'm tellin!!" his reply just now? "Yeah baby! Breakfast of champions. She could only eat half. She took the rest for lunch. You can't find another $1.25 doughnut on the planet as big as that one. It's as big as your face."

So, here I am tellin! Not only did she get a belly full of this sugar, grease laden delicacy for breakfast, she'l get another "hit" of it at lunch too! I feel a note from the teacher coming on. If she calls me after while and say's she sick, he's going to go get her! BWAH HA HA HA!

Now I want a danged Apple Fritter, but I am not getting out of my pajamas in search of the new donut shop, no not me!