Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Showers and updates

What's going on with us lately? Well, we are still preparing for baby Brinlee, it's getting close to the end of school, so there's plenty going on withthat, we had Jessica's baby shower and she got lots of nice things, here are a few snaps from the day!
This is the diaper cake I made, it came out so cute and everyone loved it! It's super simple, anyone can do this!

I made cupcakes for the guests, Jessica had a special request of Strawberry cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, so the pink ones were strawberry, the white ones were white cake with butter cream frosting. I made these cute little cupcake holders out of doilies! I first thought I could cut some with my Cricut, but after cutting just one, I knew that was a lost cause!
The Happy parents to be, Derek was at the shower just long enough to say hi to everyone, then he headed out the door!

Me and Jessica
Jessica at 31 weeks, Jordyn at 27 weeks and Kayla at 38 weeks.

Braylin couldn't resist those cupcakes! She's 21 months old now.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 2009

April has come and halfway gone already. Exciting things are happening, Derek and Jessica got a place to rent and we worked on getting that ready and all moved in the last couple weeks, we are so relieved to know they are in their own place well in advance of Brinlee's birth and still while Jessica was up to painting and moving! She and I painted 2 bathrooms and Derek laid new carpet in the bedrooms and living room, it's fresh and clean and perfect for a new family. We ordered Brinlee's bed and changing table and Derek got them put together.

The next big thing that is coming up is Jessica's baby shower, she's so excited to be able to have it at her own house. Today I made the diaper cake that will be the center piece and I must say, it's pretty cute! Stay tuned for pictures!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

March, Holy Moly! I missed an entire month!

I can't believe I haven't posted since February! I'm so ashamed, there's been so much going on, apparently it just slipped my mind. I'll try to summarize, March just flew by, first was mine and Jessica's birthdays, on the 5th (me) and the 6th (Jess). Mike and Derek and Morgan made us a wonderful dinner and even got us a yummy cheesecake and put candles on it representing our ages added together, it sort of had us confused when we first saw "66" on our cake, but soon we knew what it meant! LOL. Then on my actual birthday, I left and spent a long weekend with my girlfriends scrapbooking! 3 days of scrapping and eating and lots of laughter. Then came packing and planning for our camping trip to Lake Millwood, the night before we left, I went to Jessica's shower at Donna's, she got lots of wonderful stuff. The next morning we set out for the lake, we had a great time, the guys did LOTS of fishing (and actually caught some big bass!) and we even saw some alligators! But the rain put a damper on it, and to make a long story short, we came home 3 days early. But I lucked out because by coming home early, it enabled me to attend yet again, another weekend of scrapbooking with Jill, Kay, Angie, and Alicia! What a way to end the month of March right?