Monday, February 23, 2009

Prima Ballerina

Morgan has been taking Dance since she was 2 years old, she's taken tap and ballet as a little dancer and then when she got about 7-8 she started taking Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Clog and sort of got away from the typical Tap and Ballet. This year, I was happy to get her back into Ballet, even as a little bitty girl, her teachers always said she was a natural, she had the poise, the grace and had beautiful arms and hands and I of course always agreed. Watching her amongst others, made me see what they were talking about, it seemed like her hands and arms always had that beautiful grace that seem to come natural. When she started this year she was determined to get her technique back and work her way into Pointe shoes. Well, a few weeks ago, her teacher said that she and 3-4 others in her class were ready to move into Pointe and she had them stay after class every week for an extra 30 mins to work with them. 2 weeks ago we made the trip to Little Rock and got her fitted for pointe shoes. $108 later she had her wish! Her friend Anna Claire came over Sunday afternoon and we took pictures of them in their pointe shoes before they had a chance to get them all dirty and worn! Here are a few from that session. Let me say that when I opened these images up and started working on them, it nearly brought me to tears, where did my little girl go? I am used to seeing her dolled up in make up and fancy dresses, after all we've had years of dance recitals, but these images show me how she truly is turning into a young woman and I find it bittersweet. She's only 10 1/2 but she sure looks a lot older to me in these pictures.

This is Morgan and Anna Claire

Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been tagged!

My friend tagged me and I "think" my responsibility in this is to select an image to share. It's supposed to be the 6th image from my 6th file so here goes! This ridiculous picture was from Super Bowl Sunday, everyone was piled up watching the game and some 3D commercials. This is Derek, Jessica and Morgan. Thank GOODNESS I didn't have to pick the 7th picture! It was ME wearing these horrid 3D glasses!

My responsibility also requires me to tag 6 others! So I am tagging Brooke, Liz, Kelly, MckMama, Jenna, & Jessica.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tales of a bed and Valentines Day

Okay, so I promised the story about one very special bed. Here goes, back in 1986 when I was pregnant with Derek, my sweet little grandmother came across this miniature baby bed at a garage sale. It was brown and just needed a little TLC, I think she paid all of $10 for it. She brought it to me and I was immediately in love with it! It would be perfect! It was on rollers, and narrow enough to go through doorways so it could easily be moved from room to room. I set to working on it, and painting it white and later found out it was actually called a "Eurocrib", whatever it is called, we loved it! I used it for Derek for several months and over the years have loaned it out to close friends only after promising in blood they would not let anything happen to it and it would safely be returned to me, and it always was! When I became pregnant with Morgan, I once again got it out and started working on it, at some point over the years, it had been stored somewhere that had allowed it to get wet and the inside peices of the head and footboard were warped. This however didn't stop me, I peeled off the yucky part and just covered it in some pretty baby fabric and with a fresh coat of paint, it was ready to use again! I also used it a couple years ago for a few months here at my house when Braylin was a little baby, then it went back into storage. But now, it is going to make a full circle! The one who it was originally intended for, is now going to become a Daddy and his little baby girl will be sleeping snugly in her Daddy's baby bed! Jessica chose to paint it brown and we've put it together and it has the crib skirt on it here in these pics, it is not by any means finished but I will share it at this stage anyway. We are going to tie the big pink bows on the corners, and it will have the polka dot fabric inset on the head and footboards to cover up the not so nice wood there. I love so much that Jessica was excited about this little bed, it means so much to me and if my grandmother were alive today, she would be thrilled to know that Derek's baby would be sleeping in this little $10 bed that I wouldn't take any amount of money for!

Here's a couple of shots of Morgan with her Valentines Day Loot!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Projects and pics!

We started working on Brinlee's baby bed, and as promised I have pics! This is the little bed they are going to use as her bassinet, once I get pictures of it all finished I will go into more detail of the significance of this very special bed, so stay tuned for that story! For now, here is a peek at her mobile and the bed skirt we are using with it. This fabric is so sweet, it's green, pink and brown paisley and then we have polka dots to go with it, we made a matching cover for the mobile and it is just the cutest!
Here are a couple of pictures from the February 3rd Ultrasound where we found out that this baby is a girl! We only got a couple of shots, because she chose to get the DVD so we had to take what we could get, we loved seeing these long legs and feet and her sweet little face. She was so active during the ultrasound it was hard to see very much for very long!
Oh, by the way, her mommy and daddy made an announcement the another night, her name is Brinlee Dawn! I am proud to share my name with the sweetest little baby girl in the world! :) Mike says I am gonna have trouble fitting my head through the hospital DOUBLE doors! LOL

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a GIRL!

Yes we went to the doctor yesterday! Derek and Jessica's baby is a girl! We are so ecstatic to finally find out what it is! Let me say that if this little girl is born as rambuncious and energetic as she was yesterday during the ultrasound, she is gonna keep us on our toes! The US tech just kept saying over and over what a wiggler she is! LOL. We even saw her yawn really big twice, it was so sweet! She has really long long legs too (after her Mama hehe) Jessica and I are eager to start getting ready for this little girl. We did some shopping yesterday of course and got her bedding and 6-8 little outfits. We also got her signed up with the baby registry at Wal Mart and JC Penney, that was a lot of fun, going through the baby department scanning all the stuff she wants for the baby. I wish they had that back in my day! HA! Here she is getting ready for the Ultrasound!
and after. I would have posted this entire picure, but I caught them off guard and Derek's eyes are closed :( I think he did it on purpose just to aggravate me!
Tomorrow we plan to hit Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics in search of fabric for the Euro crib we are working on. Sunday we sanded it down to get ready for painting, and we bought the paint for it yesterday. We want to make a frilly bedskirt and we are going to put some fabric also on the inside of the headboard and footboard of the bed, we bought some 4 inch floppy wide satin ribbon yesterday and are going to tie big pretty bows on the corners. We also want to make one of those French bullentin boards, I think that is what they are called. The board covered in fabric and ribbons. I'll post pictures of the projects as they come along! This is a picture I see pretty often around here, it's Morgan doing her homework! LOL