Thursday, May 28, 2009

Out with May Showers, in with June blooms!

As June approaches, this means 5th grade graduation, and a birthday party for Morgan as well as a Dance Recital that this year will consume 2 days of dancing and the big event will come in June with Brinlee's arrival, although this week we have our doubts that she'll wait until June. Tuesday night after Morgan's graduation, Jessica was feeling a lot of pressure and just didn't feel good at all. About 10:00pm they called me and were headed to the ER because she was hurting so bad and she had not felt the baby move in a couple hours, which had her (us) a little alarmed too. To sum it up, they kept them until about 1:30am and she is dilated to 2 cm and 70% effaced so that is a good start. As this week has progressed, she's become more and more miserable so we are thinking it could happen at any time, or might not happen for 3-4 more weeks. Personally I am hoping we can at least get through this weekend's dance recital and maybe even through Morgan's June 6th birthday party.
Here is Morgan getting her diploma, she also received a Presidential Gold Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence. We're so proud of her and can hardly believe next year she'll be a 6th grader!
Morgan and Mrs. Vaughan, her 5th grade teacher, it's been a great year!!
Today Jessica and I finished up the t-shirts that everyone is going to wear at the hospital. Mine says "Brinlee's Nonni" Mike's says "Brinlee's Papa" We made one for Derek that of course says "Brinlee's Daddy" Morgan got one too and has decided she'll be called "Aunt Sissi". Us girls are wearing pink tshirts, the guys have gray, and all the letters are pink. I'm also trying to finish up her baby booties, I started them about 3-4 weeks ago, and sort of forgot about them, so I'm eager to get those finished! I have made these same booties for friends and for myself when Morgan was on her way. They're so sweet and really special, I still have Morgan's and I hope that Brinlee's will be a keepsake she'll always have. I can't wait to see her wear them home from the hospital! I'll take some pictures when they're all done.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wedding stuff

Well, the wedding came and went without a hitch! LOL, except for the 2 that actually got hitched! The weather held out and was actually very nice, I did get a little stressed while setting up and decorating, I sort of got emotional while decorating Derek's grooms table,
I wanted it to be special for him (and it was) and things were not going exactly how I had envisioned and I started squalling, but Suzanne said just do what you can with it and I'll finish it up. So that's what I did, she had to make me leave so I could get back home and clean up and get the cakes and then get back out to the park in time so it's a good thing I had her there keeping me in line. I left there knowing the decorating was in good hands. It was 3 minutes until 6:00 though when I got back with the cakes and wouldn't you know the top layer on the wedding cake had slid and it got a little messed up, but I just sent it to the table and some little angels swooped down and repaired it as much as possible and it was fine. Once I realized that I didn't arrive with all the guests already seated and staring at me as I drove up, my stress level went down and I relaxed. I actually sat down and enjoyed the ceremony and did not stress at all once things start moving. Jessica was beautiful and Derek was dashing :) AND I'll tell you one more thing I did not do, I did not shed one tear! Believe it or not! Most of you know that I'm a real squall bag, I'm not sure what happened, I even had my "Mother of the Groom" hankie in hand and ready. I think I probably held it together because I had read, written and printed the ceremony and vows over and over so many times that it wasn't that emotional to me. I did cry when I read them the first time LOL. Oh and I've cried several times since then talking about it to others. My husband cried LOL, he performed the ceremony and got all choked up a couple of times while doing the ceremony, then he told me later what caused it, the first time was because he looked up at Derek's face and saw that little boy (okay now I'm crying again) that played in the yard with the unruly Dalmatian, and the same little boy that he spent the day with, hitting pears down into the woods using baseball bats. Then he got himself composed and in a minute or two, he looked over at Derek's dad and he was just a boo hooing, that did him in... So ANYWAY, sniff sniff... It was beautiful, we got some gorgeous pictures, (Thanks Suzanne and Mike) we had wonderful food, (Thanks Donna) The decorations were beautiful, it was all just great! Derek behaved himself too, I was afraid he'd play some sort of jokes or something LOL, and he didn't complain about taking too many pictures (he really hates posing) and I he didn't get cake on Jessica's face LOL. I was so proud of him, he looked so handsome, it's hard to believe he's grown and married already... Well enough chit chat, now for a few pictures!
Okay, this picture needs a little explaining I know, there are a whole series of these and they are just priceless but this one sort of sums it all up. Derek had this big huge pair of panties tucked inside his coat sleeve and when he went to take the garter off her leg, he whipped out these big panties, the crowd roared and Jessica was shocked! LOL Good times...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 2009

Wow I cannot believe how fast time is flying, soon school will be out, the baby will be here and we'll be right in the middle of summer. This month started out with a trip to Branson with Morgan and the 4th and 5th grade of from her school. We had a great time attending World Fest at Silver Dollar City but it rained pretty much the whole time we were gone. We managed to see everything we wanted, shopped a good bit and even got to go to Branson Landing and eat at Joe's Crab Shack! I have always wanted to eat there and it was great! I bought me and Morgan both a Joe's tye dyed tshirt, yeah I know, I'm a total tourist!
We are also in the midst of planning a wedding! It's May 22nd and we are hoping and praying that the rain stops and we have nice weather because it is planned outside! We do have a pavilion rented as well, but it will be a tight squeeze to do everything under the pavilion. The plans are pretty much all finalized and I am beginning to feel a little relief the closer it gets to the big day. I feel for folks to spend months planning a wedding, it would be too stressful for me, I'm actually thankfully the kids decided to do it pretty soon, it only gave us a month to plan, but that's only a month to stress too! Next week, I'll have pictures of the wedding to share.
Last week, Jessica and Derek's best friends, Kayla and Rob, had their baby girl Rylee, she's gorgeous and I had the pleasure of taking her first pictures here just the other day, at 6 days old she was a perfect angel. Having Rylee arrive has sure made us all anxious to get Brinlee here! It won't be long that's for sure!
This month there is something going on every weekend, Morgan and I are going to an out of town graduation on the 17th, the wedding is the 22nd, her dance recital is the 30th-31st, the following weekend, June 5th, is her birthday, so I plan to have her party on June 6th, it seems lately we don't have a weekend with nothing planned. We hope to go camping soon after school is out, but before the baby comes but I am not sure we'll be able to fit that in!