Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 2010

I started a new project on January 1st, it's called Project 365 and I am supposed to take at least one picture per day, so this picture just happens to be the one I took on 01-06-10, I thought it was cute of Brinlee and wanted to share it.Here are Brinlee's 7 month pictures, her BFF Rylee came for pictures too and they were so cute! Brinlee is now on the move, she does the army crawl and just today when we took these pictures, she actually was up on her hands and knees and made a couple of "steps" really crawling, she is also learning to pitch a little fit when we take someting away from her, it's a little comical to watch, and when she gets hungry, she wants it right now! Brinlee and Rylee, this reminds me so much of Derek telling Robbie a funny story, and Robbie's reply? " DUDE, For real?" LOVE it!

Jake, Nicole and Carter came to visit and we took a few pictures! He's just the sweetest little man I could hold him all day. Jake and Nicole went to Oaklawn and spent some time together and we got the honor of keeping little Carter for the afternoon and it was just wonderful! He's now 4 weeks old and is a great baby, he's so easy to take care of and we can't wait for him to come visit again!
Don't they make a beautiful family?